You begin to nitpick over every single detail on the articles after spending hours reading the articles. "Hang on! Holographs/Holograms should be the same thing as DigitalVision things, shouldn't they?" you think.


Imagine the DigitalVision as being like the television, and Holographs/Holograms as being like live transmission feeds. Like telephones. Like Skype. Informine is another thing, but isn't a flipping Holograph/Hologram based service, just to clear that up. Also, the word 'Holographic Network' is a joke. It isn't based on Holographs/Holograms at all.

Holographs/Holograms, for instance, are mainly used in the Triangulum for transmitting live government proceedings. Why? Because sometimes the DigitalVision channel covering the proceedings isn't good enough to be put in public squares and hung on buildings. Screens are still a problem in the twenty-ninth century, you know.

Reason being for this entire mess?

Well, in some existing sci-fi (or sci-fantasy) universes, I'd love to see you watch a holographic 'film', 'drama', or whatever, on a flipping holographic projector thingie.

Wouldn't be fun, would it?

--AGrayCat (talk) 14:47, January 24, 2016 (UTC)